Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

1. When will we leave Cairns Airport (the arrival journey)?

For your arrival journey, please see the Cairns Airport bus timetable below:

  • Leaving Cairns Airport – Arriving at Port Douglas: 7:00am, 8:45am, 9:45am, 11:45am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, 3:45pm and last scheduled bus 6:30pm.
  • Your arrival into Cairns Airport or your first pick up from Cairns Airport to Cairns accommodation is confirmed with your booking confirmation email. There is no need to reconfirm your first transfer. 

2. When is the pickup from Port Douglas (the return journey)?

For your return journey, please see the Port Douglas bus timetable below:

  • Booking Form 2 (Leaving Port Douglas – Arriving at Cairns Airport): 4:00am, 6:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, midday (12:00 pm), 2:00pm, 4:00pm, and last scheduled bus from Port Douglas daily at 5:00pm.

Please note you should allow at least 3 hours from your scheduled pickup time in Port Douglas before arriving at Cairns Airport. While the journey from Port Douglas to Cairns Airport is direct, we will need to pick up other passengers around Port Douglas before leaving.

There may also be roadworks and potential delays at Smithfield around peak traffic times which you should account for if you wish to make your flight on time.

We advise choosing a bus from Port Douglas that will get you to the airport in good time for your baggage check-in requirements, and airline check-in cut-off times.

3. What is the average wait time?

We stick to a fixed schedule (see FAQ-1 and FAQ-2 above for your reference), so there should be no waiting around (unless your flight arrives earlier than anticipated). You can arrive with confidence that you know exactly when your bus will leave. Our buses leave exactly on time to ensure all passengers are transferred according to our fixed schedule.

If you miss your scheduled bus due to a delayed flight, you will be allocated to the next available slot on the shuttle bus timetable.

4. I have an early flight from Cairns, what is the earliest airport transfer from Port Douglas?

The earliest departure time from Port Douglas to Cairns Airport is 6:00 am (arriving at Cairns CNS at around 7:30 am).

If in the event that you have an earlier flight booked you should refer to our recommended premium private transfer service.

5. What do I do if my flight into Cairns has been delayed?

If in the event that your flight into Cairns is delayed, you can catch the next scheduled bus. The final bus will be leaving Cairns (CNS) at 18:30.

If you have been made aware that your flight has been delayed and you are due to arrive after the final bus (6:30pm), please contact us directly on:

6. Do you provide child seats?

Child seats are available for children up to the age of 7-years:

  • RFR (Rear Facing Restraint): for new-borns and infants.
  • FFR (Front Facing Restraint): suitable for infants and children up to 2-years of age.
  • B (Booster Seat): ideal for children aged 3 to 7-years.

All child seats are priced at AUD $15.00 (each way).

Your children’s safety and comfort is importance to us. However, please note child seats are not compulsory in Queensland on buses with 13 seats or more.

7. How long does the transfer take?

The journey from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas is direct with no stops in between and typically takes around 60 to 70-minutes, however, we like to allow 90-minutes just to be on the safe side (to account for any potential traffic events and also dtop-go following Cyclone Jasper while road repairs are undertaken).

Please refer to FAQ-2 for scheduling recommendations regarding your return journey to Cairns Airport.

8. What vehicles to you use?

  • Hyundai iMax (7-pax);
  • Toyota Hiace (13-pax);
  • Commuter (20-pax);
  • We use luxury 53-seater coaches during peak times.

The type of vehicle used for your transfer will vary depending on demand and vehicle availability, the time you are scheduled to leave, and how many other people are travelling with you.

9. We are arriving together but leaving separately

We do not take mixed bookings. If you and those you are travelling are leaving at different times or on different days, it is your responsibility to choose the appropriate bus, individually, based on your own itinerary requirements.

10. What are your drop-off points in Port Douglas?

  • Your single drop-off point can either be at your booked accommodation, or your booking agency if necessary.
  • Please note multiple drop-offs are not included. For example, if you are required to collect the keys to your accommodation from your booking agency, you will be required to make your own way from your booking agency to your booked accommodation. We do not include the option to wait for you and then forward you onto your accommodation afterward. This is simply as a courtesy to your fellow passengers who will be eager to start their holiday.
  • Accommodation drop-offs are included, but not guaranteed (subject to accessibility).

Examples of inaccessible accommodation:

  • Beachfront Mirage and Bougainvillea Way Villas are gated communities, and so we drop and pick up our passengers from the closest security gate to your accommodation.
  • Murphy Street: a narrow street which is unsuitable for a shuttle bus & trailer reversing (you will be dropped off on the corner of Owen and Murphy)

11. Does your service run on public holidays?

Yes, our shuttle bus services do run on public holidays.

Please note that we apply a flat rate of $20 per booking (not per person)  to pay our drivers a fair rate to work on 2023 and 2024 Queensland Gazetted public holidays. Thank you – your understanding and support for our drivers working on ppublic holidays is much appreciated.

12. Do you offer transfers from Cairns Airport to Cairns City accommodation?

Yes, we do. If you require a transfer from Cairns (CNS) Airport to your Cairns City Accommodation, please refer to our new city service:

  • Port Douglas services can drop at Cairns accommodation after dropping at Cairns Airport. Our Cairns city shuttle service is good for Cairns Airport <> Cairns city transfers. Please make sure that you book in advance if this is something that you require please use this form here

13. Do you transfer to Daintree, Silky Oaks, Newell Beach, Mossman Gorge, Cape Tribulation?

Unfortunately no. Our transfer service terminates in Port Douglas and does not head any further north than Port Douglas. We highly recommend that you speak with your accommodation hosts about any of the transport options available to their properties and they will advise you accordingly.

Please note that we are able to drop you at the Wildlife Habitat Bus Stop in order to connect with other services.

14. Will you be operating a normal service on the 16th June 2024

Unfortunately no. The Captain Cook Highway between Cairns Airport and Port Douglas will be 100% closed on 16 June 2024 between 5:30am and 5:30pm. 

This means if you are arriving at, or departing from, Cairns Airport, on Sunday 16 June 2024 you will not be able to travel between Cairns and Port Douglas on the usual route between 5:30am and 5:30pm.
However – to help our passengers Port Douglas Shuttle Bus is operating 4 shared shuttle services on 16 June 2024 which can be booked here: 
The details are:
  1. 03:45am from Port Douglas to Cairns Airport (direct down the Captain Cook Highway 1.15 hours approx)
  2. 10am from Port Douglas to Cairns Airport (via Kuranda 2.5 hours one way approx)
  3. 1pm from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas (via Kuranda 2.5 hours one way approx)
  4. 5:30pm from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas –  (direct up the Captain Cook Highway 1.15 hours approx)
Visitors to Cairns and Port Douglas are asked to consider their plans, and ideally avoid travel on 16 June 2024. The best solution is to travel on Saturday 15 June, or Monday 17 June.

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